Thursday, December 29, 2011

f a v o r i t e   h o u s e   f r i d a y
{one day early} rooms of fhf  2011

I have my day booked up tomorrow so I thought I thought I would share my fhf pick one day early.
listing here

Now, this home isn't making huge design statements. In fact, it looks like it was probably professionally staged-too clean, and minimal furniture {but eclectic mix to appeal to a broad group of buyers}.
What do you think, staged?

*fhf favorites from this home are*
-the bathroom, this is a dream bathroom to me, it gets an OMG from me {I desperately want to add some color in there though}
-white walls and unpainted wood {even though if I moved in, the first thing I would do is probably paint all the wood}
-the kitchen is clean and pretty {unlike mine at the moment}, but what I really like are the chairs in the kitchen nook
-I like the grey-brown carpet, totally kid and pet proof. We have creamy white carpet that we put in our upstairs one year ago and it is already not looking so great {but I do have two kids and three cats}
-Sweet little playroom in the kids room, super cute door.

And picks for best rooms of fhf 2011

Chevron Entry
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Love This Table
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Yes Dining Room
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Red Table Dining Room

Fresh Living Room
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Vacation Home Living Room
{I wish!}
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Modern Cottage Living Rooms
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Rustic Living Room
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Farmhouse Kitchen
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The Floors, The Ceiling!
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Dream Kitchen
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Kids Rooms
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Organized Playroom
{I need this}
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Sweet and Simple
{I don't think kids actually play here}
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Reading Room
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Favorite Exterior
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I had fun going back to look at these homes, some I hadn't looked at since I posted them.
2011 had some pretty great houses for sale, can't wait to see what comes up for sale in 2012