Friday, August 19, 2011

f a v o r i t e   h o u s e    f r i d a y

I am not going to do a neighborhood tour today like I had planned. I found out from the neighborhood watch that someone has been taking pictures of people's homes while walking their dogs, to share with potential thieves {do I really have to clarify the crazy dog walker- picture takers are not Molly and me!}. Molly and I saw posters up with pictures of the dog walker thieves, saying "We know who you are". We thought this is weird but now we know what the posters are about, catching the thieves. Anyway, we don't want any trouble on our daily mommy walks, so no more pictures.  
Sorry, boo, I had a lot more fun homes to show you.

Anyway, I found this home on the MLS and it is super cute, not fancy but sweet {still kind of pricey though}.

My favorite things about this house-
* The living room, everything about it, love love*
*The dining room. I like how they mixed up the style of chairs*
*The grey wall color of the walls in the bedroom*
*Striped walls in bathroom. Unexpected and fun, cheery to wake up to*
*The mirrored buffet and yellow velvet chairs*
*THE WINE ROOM, I am crazy for that. I love wine, doesn't matter if it is white or red. Yumm*