Saturday, August 20, 2011

i   c a n ' t   f a l l   b a c k   a s l e e p

This never happens to me. I just woke up, it is 430a in the morning and I can't go back to sleep. There is nothing on tv so I might as well do a blog post. 

I have a thing for seagrass, you might, or might not have noticed. Mostly in the form of baskets, but I do have seagrass dining chairs that I adore. To me seagrass has a casual, beachy, cottage feel and it adds texture to a room. 

I have been searching for a seagrass bench for my livingroom, I need it for extra seating and maybe even storage.

I wanted a long bench or trunk to run a long the side of my coffee table {sorry not a great picture to describe where I will put the bench, I would take a picture specifically for this post but it is 430am!}

Here are some of the bench/trunks I looked at buying.

Great bench, good quality, wrong color seagrass and too expensive

Seagrass and Rattan Palermo Bench
This bench is perfect, I would paint the legs black though. But this bench is only available in 20 inch square right now, and that won't work
Seagrass Coffee Table

I actually love this, not a bench but a coffee table. But it was a little out of my budget and I was concerned that the color might be too dark, hard to tell from the picture.

So, what did I buy? Something I will have to redo and mess with of course! The price is right, I get two for one, but they need work to be fabulous.


I am going to paint the legs of the big guy black, and the brown tops have to go. So, now I need to shop for fabric. I have a lot of fabric already going on in this room, I will have to pick something out that will coordinate well. That is what I am doing now, at 430a in the morning.
Here are some options.

Too yellow with the seagrass, not enough contrast, nah.

hmm..I do like this one. I am wondering about the texture on this, could be all wrong.

HL Brisbane

I do love houndstooth, and the proportion of the print is good, but maybe in blue instead.


I am leaning toward the chevron, what do you think? Maybe I should go back and try to get another hour of sleep and make the decision in the morning.