Monday, August 22, 2011

a r o u n d   m y   h o u s e 

I didn't get anything painted this weekend, nada. My husband just got back from China and my kids are in the end of the summer frenzies. 

The kids are bored of being home all the time, so my "go to" distractions to keep them happy and busy aren't working. I am not getting much done around here for the business.

On another subject. Do you do this? I am sitting in my family room yesterday, totally uninspired by the space. The colors, the arrangement, everything...I needed a change. I have moved coffee table/end tables in and out of this room but the basic layout has always been the same.
 Late yesterday afternoon, I switched where my loveseat and couch were, so now the big couch is along the wall of windows. Much, much better. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, I mean really I am the queen of moving things around. This blog should be called



I have to add, I  am not a "leather" person. The couches are purely for the fact that I have two little kids that basically live in this room- snacks, art, eveything. If I had my way I would have a nice fluffy down filled, white slip covered sectional. Maybe in ten years.

After the couch moving, I was only left with two problems. The proportion of the old kids/art/coffee table didn't work now and I hated my pillows, I needed to add cooler colors in to balance the brown of the couches and the yellow walls. I moved the big blue coffee table from the living room into this room {the new pillows have the same blue as the coffee table!}, and I think it is great {don't worry I have another great table for the living room to move into there, I do have furniture from my studio and basement waiting to be worked on that sometimes I snag for myself}

The pillows are from TJ Maxx. I returned some stuff that wasn't the right size and got new pillows! I almost never buy pillows, I always make them. It was nice to buy them for once, instant gratification without sewing.

Lastly, I hate my camera. I am smiling in the picture- but look at my lame camera! I am claiming this to be the reason my pictures are always a bit off. I usually photo edit them before posting but they still don't always work.
Someday I want a new camera, but it isn't in the budget right now.