Wednesday, August 24, 2011

s h e   d i d   w h a t ?
{a tale of three tables and a very long day}

Yesterday was the last day of day camp for my kids. Once or twice a week I have been taking them to day camp, because things are getting a bit boring for them around here. On the other days we do get out and do fun things but it is nice for me to have one day a week to work.
That was my plan for yesterday. 
I was going to fix up a new table for the living room {since I stole the blue table for the family room},  do a little cleaning, paint the studio floors, and get started on a client's dresser.
It did not go as planned. I brought the antique table up from the basement, chopped the legs down to coffee table height and as I was trying to put the newly chopped legs back on the table I found a problem. These legs were wobbly, too wobbly. I went back and forth to the hardware store two times this day getting bigger screws and L brackets. I tried everything, I worked on this table for hours and the legs were still wobbly. I was sweaty and mad at the table. About 30 minutes before I was to pick up the kids I thought...hmmm...what about the pedestal table base I have in the basement {yes, the random things I have stored down there}? I carried the pedestal base up the stairs and plopped the bad brown table on top.
{I thougth it was funny so I took a picture of it}

I thought, "This might just work!". The only problem was that the table was a bit higher that I originally wanted for this room, but perfect for the family room with chairs under it.
So back went the blue table into the living room, and the new table into the family room.
Today I painted it, it took six coats of paint. I am not joking.

I think it turned out adorable. Now I am not so mad at this table.