Thursday, August 28, 2014

s h o p    t h e r a p y

I think I have been hanging in there pretty good this summer balancing my kids at home with moving shops and the million things that entailed. Not to mention the restocking that I had to get used to in this new shop. Things are moving different here than I am used to. My sales in the past few years had been primarily furniture and smalls were always a bonus sale. At this shop I am selling both. The furniture at a steady pace. I can keep up with it. Really it is selling at the perfect pace for me. But my smalls sales have exploded. I am getting used to the amount coming in and out. It has been a learning experience. 

I have been pretty good about balancing work while at home with my kids M-W. But by today I kind of hit a wall. It is the end of the summer and I haven't gone school supply shopping yet. My house is in the end of summer disaster stage. I finally took off my white slip covers and they will not go back on until school starts. My kids did not want to go to the grocery store with me yesterday. I warned them we didn't have much left of food but they didn't care. I ordered pizza for lunch and I scrounged and made pancakes and eggs for dinner. So by this morning I told them we had to go to the grocery store. I piled them into my car that was filled with furniture ready to come to the store. They squished in and we got the shopping done without too many hiccups. Taking my kids to the grocery store is in the top 3 things I dread doing. I got home with the kids and my mom was there to watch them for me for the day. I quickly zoomed out of there, unloaded the furniture at my shop, ran to do a furniture pick up and back to the store to open. I knew I had to do a quick remerch as well.
 So in my car before I pulled up to the shop I had a pity party for myself and how I feel a bit stretched. Well, a lot stretched.
 Then I snapped out of it, looked at the blessing of the store, how I was able to manage the summer juggle.
 It is hard to juggle it all. Especially for a type A perfectionist. 

I am on a constant roller coaster of winning and failing right now. 

So I am just going with the flow and doing the best I can.

It is so quiet here right now. It has been my therapy today. 

But I am still counting down the days until school starts. Is that bad? 
Actually, I think the kids are ready to go back to school as well.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

e n d    o f    s u m m e r
It feels like the end of summer. To me it feels like this summer lasted six months. I am still so much invested emotionally and physically from a big store move that I haven't really had time to sit back and look at the transformation. To really digest it. So much change in such a short time, not planned, and all with my kids home with me!I have had  a thousand moments of gratitude, and several moments of fear, some sadness, but a million thoughts of relief and joyfulness.
 My husband took my daughter to middle school orientation today.
I can't believe she will be in middle school. I still remember my first day of middle school.
It means in a blink I am going to be talking about her going to college.
On a lighter note I am happy to have cooler weather. My hair actually looks ok today and it isn't in a bun or pony tail because of the weather.
I am happy to be wearing closed toe shoes today because I am tired of painting my toe nails.
I am already planning how to decorate the front planters of the store with pumpkins.
I am excited to clean my house, get new slipcovers and decorate for myself.
I am ready for the first day of school drop offs and the feeling of sadness that the kids are getting older and a bit of gleefulness {is this terrible?} that I can now paint in solitude.
I am ready to walk around with a hot cup of coffee in my Starbucks mug.
I am ready to pack school lunches and do more meal planning.
I am excited to have my brown grass covered in leaves instead of dandelions.
I am ready for a grand opening party.
I am ready to say goodbye to summer. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

{Source -Pinterest}

This is what I am going to work on this week. To be more in the moment. I have to say I have been really trying hard to do this the past month or two.

It is really hard to do this, I actually find it work. But I am trying.
I have some really good days when I am only focusing on what I need do that day, enjoy it and not the fear creep in.
And not letting people's expectations of me and my time consume me.
{when you are a mom and business owner this really is work}
The days leading up to opening the new shop I knew I needed to work really hard to be in the moment and enjoy it.
It helps that I have such a great support system around me that allow me to live more in the moment. People that uplift, encourage and inspire me.
Being in the moment means shutting out negativity, fear, worry, doubt, insecurity and not surrounding yourself with people that bring those things out in you.
This also takes work.
So this week I will humbly be in the moment. Or at least I will try to be.
I will let you know next week how I did.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

f a l l 

I am dreaming of the fall. I know, I am crazy.

I am craving September and schedules. 

Crisp cold mornings and sunny, but not too sunny afternoons. 

Cozy nights in when I don't have to feel guilty about cuddling up in front of the tv at 7pm. 

I prefer fall clothes to summer clothes. 

I just can hardly wait until I can put pumpkins out on the front porch of the new store. And have wine and cider parties here with customers and girlfriends.

I want to sit in the back of the store on a rainy day with my tea in hand and look out at the Sound. 

I want to paint with metallics again instead of summer whites.  

I want to wear rain boots and fleece shirts.

I am a NW girl.

I am still in the moment and enjoying all that summer has to offer. But that doesn't mean I can't do a little fall dreaming. 

{all photos where sourced from Pinterest}.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the new shop

I sort of don't know where to begin with this one. I also didn't plan this blog post so I am just going to kind of wing it. Yesterday I finally got internet service here so I figured I would make use of it!

Also, I am not normally here on Tuesdays but my kids are spending the afternoon with their aunts and I felt like I needed to be here and work.

This is my first day working here by myself. In my very own shop. And it feels right, not weird at all. 

And I actually know what I am doing! 

The first thing that surprised me about this shop is the amount of shoppers that came in and said they have followed MCC from the beginning and were so excited to follow me here to the new shop. That means so much to me. 

The second thing that surprised me is how busy the walkin traffic is at this new shop. Being the only retail shop in Old Town with a ton of offices is going to be a great thing. So far I haven't had a sleepy day here at the shop. It is consistently busy. I am happy about this and a bit relieved.
 Ah, I do need to get the pilates studio sign down still but it is high and I am scared to get on the ladder, so I think I will tackle that with my husband tomorrow night.

It is going to be a bit of a juggle working the next month while my kids are still home for the summer. But they are my priority and they can be here with me on Thursdays and Fridays. Starting in September I will add in more open days to the shop. 

The very last thing about the new shop is the happy spirit here. 
You can just feel it before you walk in the door and I just love that about this shop. It comes from the customers and it comes from the love that us shop painters put into it. 

So thank you to all that came to visit me! I got three bouquets of flowers from other shop owners last week and that just brought me to tears. And the shoutouts on Facebook blew me away too!

And huge amount of gratitude to Bride on a Bike, Blue Roof Cabin and Ferpie and Fray {and their husbands!} for painting, moving, bringing joy to the shop last week. I don't know how I got so lucky to have them in my life. 

Here's to the new journey. I am officially open.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

c o m f o r t 

I love comfort. I am one of those people who as soon as they walk into the door of my house, I put pj's on, hair up in a bun, makeup off and comfy. I have also been that way with my life. I do take some risks but never ones that could be financially risky or cause me to under go unforeseen stress.

In fact, if you would have asked me six months ago what my dream life would be, it would be just to be comfortable everyday. Wake up each morning stress free. Not having to worry about money, not worry about my kids fighting constantly, a comfortable and clean house, a husband without a long commute home each day, customers that are always happy, and friends that support me regardless of my shortcomings.

But I read something last month and it changed my mind.
It was an article describing women who own their own businesses. And one line stuck out at me. It was- "Successful people in business often become comfortable in uncomfortableness". 

Dah! Lightbulb! This is where I grow! And let me tell you I have a lot of uncomfortableness in my life right now. I am smack in the middle of opening up a new store with my kids home with me for the summer, family in town, and funds that are being stretched to accomplish this {this part I am being careful with, I really would like to stay debt free in my business}. And a new shop with rent that is double what I used to pay with my name not only on the lease but on the front door.
Scary, but I actually know I can do it! I am doing it! It means in this "uncomfort" I set boundaries, set goals, acknowledge my mistakes, and celebrate my successes. And to try to do this every single day.

With this "uncomfort" I get to do it my way! I get to grow in stressful times and I always get through the other side. 
Even when I am going through something that is stretching me, I always need to look at what good I am getting out of it.

So here is to being comfortable in "uncomfort".

I will still put my pj's on as soon as I walk in the door to my house though, but I promise not to wear them to the shop.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

f e e l i n g   h a p p y

I read this article on "The Nine Things Happy People Do Every Day". You know, the kind you see on FB that one of your friends posts a link to. Here is the link.
So, I clicked on it. And you know what?! For the first time in a long time I felt like on some degree I checked every box yes. And I would have to say at least half of them were things that I had just stared to do in the last 3 months.  
And it took effort, and it made some people upset with me. But I am truly happy and I feel lighter and a whole lot of freedom which in turn will make me a better mom, wife, and friend. 

It could be full of baloney but, never the less, I had to say I felt proud of myself for taking steps to control the happiness in my life.

So that is where my heart is at today. 
Feeling pretty darn happy. 
{all images in post from Pinterest}