Sunday, May 22, 2011

f a v o r i t e   h o u s e   f r i d a y 
{on a sunday}

I haven't done a FHF in a very very long time. And for those of you who are new to my blog and wonder what the heck favorite house friday is... it is a way to share my obsession of real estate with you all.

A brief background on why I love looking at real estate listings. It took us a year and a half to sell our last home. I was anticipating the sale the entire year and a half, so everyday I would bring up the real estate listings that were new for the day in our desired neighborhood.

After we finally sold our home, we were so nervous about buying again that we rented. We rented the house for two years that we now own. Even as we were renting this home I looked everyday at the new homes for sale in this market. We didn't think the old owners of our home would sell this house to us.

Anyway, we lucked out, they came to us to see if we would consider buying it and we jumped on the chance.

Even though we now own our home, I am still in the habit of checking what new has come on the market {I really do this everyday, I think it is fun}. Here is the order of what I do when I log on to my computer. First I check my personal email, then facebook, then the blog, then my business email, then craigslist deals, then the real estate listings.

This sweet home showed up on the market Friday and I thought I would share some pictures with you.

Sweet from the outside, I love the beach grey.

Isn't the kitchen sweet? I love the painted ceiling...hmmm maybe I can paint my kitchen ceiling?

 The birch branches are lovely and I want a fruit stand like this.
Now I must go out and find one, like, tomorrow.
 Don't you just want to know exactly what that sign says below?!?
I also adore the tv stand.

I like how this room is not over-decorated so you notice the view outside. 

Beautiful stairway.

Who doesn't want a fireplace in their room?

Anyway, darling home.

I had a decent thrifting weekend. I bought a small dresser, a large dresser, and a huge {I mean huge} antique waterfall buffet that is fantastic, really really fantastic.

I will show you a preview picture of this buffet sometime this week. I realized what a furniture addict/dork/lover I am when I saw this buffet. Am I the only one that gets this way? I wanted to do a cartwheel.

I need to get to work tomorrow because the next week and a half will be busy.