Monday, July 4, 2011

r e d,   w h i t e,  a n d   b l u e   b o y ' s   r o o m
{with a bit of green and a little yellow}

If you have recently looked at the "Alison's House" tab you might have noticed I took off both the family room pictures and the boy's room pictures. I have been doing a little tweaking and redecorating these rooms. 
 I am about to put back up the pictures of my son Cooper's room. My husband took the kids to the beach yesterday for a few hours and I got time to clean and take some pictures. {I actually enjoy cleaning when I can be by myself with no distractions}.

Since I am putting the pictures of Coop's room back on the blog, I thought I would give you a breakdown of his room and how I decorated it on a very tight budget. I simply started with the curtains as a jumping off point for the colors, found bedding to match and painted the furniture.

Also, I do know that there is a lot going on in this room, a lot of color and a lot of stuff. In my opinion, when it is a kids room you can break some decorating rules and just go for it.

This room is long and narrow, is mainly for sleeping, reading and housing my son's clothes. We keep most of the toys in the basement playroom.
 I will start with the bookshelf. I bought it on clearance a few years ago at Target, and  painted it cherry red. If I had to guess it was $50.
*Curtain panels, Target, about 5 years ago. My color inspiration for the room. $20 each?
*Large white pillows, Ikea $20
*Polka dot pillows, made by me. Fabric can be ordered here.
*Bedding, Pottery Barn Kids, Madras. I bought on ebay for $50
*Blue full sized bed bought on craigslist for $60 and painted.
*Red dresser I bought at antique mall for $100 and painted.
 At the far end of this room is my daughter's bed. She has her own room but the kids like to sleep in the same room together at night.  

Camden's green bed was purchased off craigslist for $60 and I painted. Her quilt was bought at TJ Max for $25. The two little red bed side tables purchased at Goodwill for around $20 each, I painted them to match.

The large chalk board was made by me and the tutorial can be found here.
This is really one of my favorite rooms in our home. It has great energy in person.
If you have any more questions on this room, let me know! 

Now, I need to finish decorating the family room so I can get those pictures back up on the house tab.
Happy 4th everyone!

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