Sunday, July 3, 2011

m y   $30   o u t d o o r    m a k e-o v e r

I picked up two plastic adirondack chairs that were free on the side of the road about a month ago, yes I do this occasionally. Why not? Let me first say this, plastic is not going to be my first choice for outdoor furniture. Of course I prefer wood, wicker, or iron for outdoor but heck these were free and I need more seating in my yard.

The chairs were very sun faded and dirty. I did a quick cleaning and headed to the garage to dig through my spray paint collection {I collect spray paint- weird, yes}. I had a glossy black that was made to go over plastic.

Two chairs done in under 10 minutes.

I bought two green chairs at Target for $14 each plus tax {this is the $30 part of the make-over}. Now that I had four chairs I wanted a large, low table to set out food, drinks, and candles. 

Again I went to get garage and dug out this antique drop leaf table that I had my stains sitting on {see the dark marks?}. Since this table is wood, it is ok to have outside during the summer, but I need to be able to store it easily in the winter or if we have a big storm. This drop leaf is extremely light, and since the leaves fold down I can scoop it up and store it back in the garage quickly if I need to. And again, it was free to me! I cut the legs down with a hand saw to a nice low height and spray painted it cherry red. I do this all the time. Do you want a big coffee table? Chop down the legs of a normal dining table and there you have it {I did this to my big blue table in my living room}!

I brought out  some pillows from my playroom and added a basket under the table. If it starts to rain, I can quickly put the pillows in the basket and take them into the garage.

The best part of this cheapo make-over is that we are really using this space.

My kids also used the new table as a lemonade stand, why not?