Monday, November 8, 2010

Child's Chalk Board

Do your children love to play school? I can't wait for my kids to home from school and see this finished project.

This is my absolute favorite project I have ever done!

Do you remember when Molly and I went thrifting a few weeks ago and came back with this "lovely" horse picture? Let me refresh your memory. 
Sorry this picture is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea of the loveliness of this original artwork.

My son's room has one really large wall with no furniture against it. I had a picture hanging there but it was not to scale with the wall and it always bugged me.
I remembered the horse picture in the basement. 

I decided to paint the frame to match the curtains in my son's room.
 I taped off where I wanted my stripes to be and spray painted it red. Once dry I peeled the painters tape off and carefully filled in the stripes with craft paint.
I had this up against the bathroom door all day to continually work on it. Every time one of my kids would go to the bathroom they would say "Look at me, I am in a picture!"
I sprayed it with protective clear coat after it dried. I painted the horse picture with magnet paint followed by chalkboard paint on top (this was going on in the basement). Let me warn you, magnet paint really smells bad.

Once the frame and the chalkboard were dry I screwed them together from the back. I added a little wooden basket I had in the basement, added ceramic white knobs and strung wire from two of the ceramic white knobs.

Best of all, this project cost me about $20 (for the frame and the ceramic knobs). Everything else (basket, chalkboard/magnet paint, wire, and of course the craft paint) I had at home from other projects.
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