Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have a pretty, simple topiary project for you today. This darling topiary can add a touch of color to your mantel, your thanksgiving table, or a corner of your home in need of more personality.
Here are the supplies you need:
*Styrofoam ball (2)
*glue gun-a lot of glue sticks
*spray paint
*chestnuts(or any nuts) and uncooked pinto beans
*a pot
*twigs and moss (I took from my own yard)

This project cost me $0. And took about an hour or less.
 I had all supplies already and most were either found in my pantry, storage from other projects, or my yard.

How great is that!

Carefully glue on your nuts until they almost completely fill the styrofoam ball.
-It looks ugly right now doesn't it...just wait it will get better-
Fill in the holes with glue and add the pinto beans
-still looks a little ugly, getting better, but bear with me-
Spray paint the topiary any color you wold like, I prefer a creamy white color. 
Add one styrofoam ball to the bottom of your pot (I glue gunned it in).
 Gather and cut your twigs to desired length. I spray painted mine black to match my pot.
Add glue to the bottom of your twig and place it down into the styrofoam ball.
 Keep adding your twigs until you have enough to support your topiary.
Add moss and a ribbon.
 Place your topiary on top of your twigs. 
You can add a little glue to the top of the twigs before you place the topiary firmly on top.
Isn't this cute! I think it would make a nice hostess gift for thanksgiving dinner.