Tuesday, July 5, 2011

n e w    p i l l o w s

I bought a shower curtain a few months ago at TJ Max and the fabric was wrong, out of the package it was too shiny. I have had it sitting in my desk drawer and I almost forgot about it. I opened my drawer, saw the curtain,  and I quickly drove over to TJ Max. I was in the mood to buy something new, and since I was returning the curtain I knew I wasn't going to have to spend any money.

I was in luck and found four large striped pillows, $9.99 each! Ok, so after I returned the curtain my total was $10 but that isn't bad for four pillows!
{the other two are in my bedroom}

The blue is a perfect match. They were meant for me.

If feels so fresh in my living room right now. 
Also, it is literally the only clean room in my house at the moment.
After my cleaning frenzy on Saturday I haven't cleaned a darn thing, maybe tomorrow.

I am working on a solution to the "too much brown" going on in my family room. It involves white paint and I am on the hunt for two child chairs like this.Vintage Childs Metal and Plywood School Chair, Industrial
{Joyatri, Etsy}
Or this.
Vintage mid century wooden school chair with metal blue legs 

I am going to hunt for some similar chairs this weekend, I would like to spend no more than $20 each.
Wish me luck!