Thursday, December 18, 2014

my house mondays
Ok I know it isn't Monday but I wanted to share something with you I am going to attempt to do in 2015. I want to do Monday blog posts on what I am doing in my own house. It will not only give me content to share with you but keep me motivated to keep up with house projects. I have been so focused on the store that I have let a ton of projects go around my own house and I need a shove to get them done.
We just closed on a home refinance this morning and I am SO excited to get some much needed work done on my 1910 Victorian Farmhouse.
{my house}
We have lived there for 7 years. We rented the first two, then purchased it 5 years ago. We initially only had enough money to redo the kitchen. We also purchased all new appliances for the house and carpeted the upstairs. The carpet was a big mistake. For the amount of money we spent on carpet, we could have done hardwoods. The carpet is now stained, torn up by my cat, and doing that ripple thing that is horrible. We are going to get hardwoods upstairs that match what was originally there and get area rugs to muffle the sound and soften the spaces. I can always replace the rugs if they start looking bad.
We are also going to paint the exterior. My two choices were all white or a deep charcoal with white trim. Saint vetoed the white so charcoal it will be.

{all pictures taken from my Pinterest page}
We also really need a new fence. It is going to fall down any day and we had it painted white but the guy walked off the job day three so it has been halfway done for what seems like forever. It drives me crazy! I paint furniture for a living but painting a fence does not sound like fun to me plus I do not have the time.
{photo taken from my Pinterest page}
The bathroom will also get some new paint and tile. I want to go back to what would have originally been there.

{Photos taken from my Pinterest page}
I also want to go room by room and swap out furniture. Sometimes my house gets the store rejects and sometimes it gets the really amazing pieces that I find and never bring to the store. I would love to only have amazing pieces.
My house needs a lot of work and I am SO excited to really bring it back to what it should be.
And I think I will share with you each project. Yay!