Thursday, December 11, 2014

fuse blown
Today we have very romantic lighting in the store because of a blown fuse that sparked and it scared the dickens out of me {yes I said dickens, my grandma Shaffer would be proud}.  What a weird morning! I got the kids off to school, loaded up the car with a dresser that I was bringing in. I got it here, my husband was here to watch the store for me so I could go pick up some furniture pieces I bought. As I turned on the lights, sparks flew! Thank goodness we were both standing right under it so I could run in back and switch it off, very scary. There are many times that I come in early, turn on lights then run out for coffee. I am so glad someone was looking out for this shop today and nothing bad happened. Anyway, the lamp light goes well with the holiday music and the rain outside my window.
It is kind of how my whole week has been going. I kind of blew a fuse of my own. I think the holidays might do that too. Everyone is so busy and we all get a bit frazzled now and then this time of year. I encountered some unkindness towards me this week and it really got me down. Does that happen to you? It kept sticking in my head and put a sadness in my heart. As I was laying next to my son one night trying to get him to fall asleep, I was playing on my phone to keep me from falling asleep and this popped up.
It is a quote I shared on my MCC Facebook in July and someone had just shared it, so it notified me.
It was the perfect timing for me to see it. Isn't that weird when that happens?
Anyway, I am hoping I have no more blown fuses this week! Especially tomorrow. All the shop painters will be here for a gift exchange and I miss them. It isn't often that we are all together and there is a sort of magic when we are all here together. Lots of laughter and lots of good energy. And you can't blow a fuse with laughter.
XOXO -Alison