Thursday, August 28, 2014

s h o p    t h e r a p y

I think I have been hanging in there pretty good this summer balancing my kids at home with moving shops and the million things that entailed. Not to mention the restocking that I had to get used to in this new shop. Things are moving different here than I am used to. My sales in the past few years had been primarily furniture and smalls were always a bonus sale. At this shop I am selling both. The furniture at a steady pace. I can keep up with it. Really it is selling at the perfect pace for me. But my smalls sales have exploded. I am getting used to the amount coming in and out. It has been a learning experience. 

I have been pretty good about balancing work while at home with my kids M-W. But by today I kind of hit a wall. It is the end of the summer and I haven't gone school supply shopping yet. My house is in the end of summer disaster stage. I finally took off my white slip covers and they will not go back on until school starts. My kids did not want to go to the grocery store with me yesterday. I warned them we didn't have much left of food but they didn't care. I ordered pizza for lunch and I scrounged and made pancakes and eggs for dinner. So by this morning I told them we had to go to the grocery store. I piled them into my car that was filled with furniture ready to come to the store. They squished in and we got the shopping done without too many hiccups. Taking my kids to the grocery store is in the top 3 things I dread doing. I got home with the kids and my mom was there to watch them for me for the day. I quickly zoomed out of there, unloaded the furniture at my shop, ran to do a furniture pick up and back to the store to open. I knew I had to do a quick remerch as well.
 So in my car before I pulled up to the shop I had a pity party for myself and how I feel a bit stretched. Well, a lot stretched.
 Then I snapped out of it, looked at the blessing of the store, how I was able to manage the summer juggle.
 It is hard to juggle it all. Especially for a type A perfectionist. 

I am on a constant roller coaster of winning and failing right now. 

So I am just going with the flow and doing the best I can.

It is so quiet here right now. It has been my therapy today. 

But I am still counting down the days until school starts. Is that bad? 
Actually, I think the kids are ready to go back to school as well.