Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a little background on me and why I paint
I started painting, creating, crafting when I was a teenager. I was a teen 20 years ago- I have been doing this a bit. I wasn't always good at it but it was something I always loved to do. I still go to the same thrift store for treasures now that I went to as a teen.
My senior year of college I "lived out", meaning I was not living in the sorority anymore and officially in my own shared place.
I painted everything in that room blue and yellow. It was probably the last time I ever painted those colors together but I did. I painted everything down to the wall sconces. This was 1997, yes, I have been doing this a long time.
I still painted the few years after I graduated college. Little things here and there. It wasn't until I had my first home with my husband that I really got back to the hunt and paint.
I bought myself a jelly cupboard as a wedding present. I really wanted it so I called it a wedding present to myself. I still have it! It is in my son Cooper's room. It has been so many different colors over the last 13 years.
When I got pregnant with my daughter I decided to stay home from work to be with her. I loved the idea of staying home with her. I also loved the idea of having a cute home, but we had no money. This is when I really started thrifting and painting. And I started to get really good at it.
Fast forward another say...8-10 years? I was still thrifiting and painting. And I had another baby!  That baby was a boy.
All kinds of life circumstances lead me to start the Modern Cottage Company blog 4 years ago but looking back on it, it was for my kids.
This blog led me to opening a store and two and a half years later opening a store all on my own.
The store lets me be creative and help provide for my family, but mostly it works for my family.
Yesterday my husband told our nine year old son about his autism. Something we have know about for a long while now but not actually told him. It was a hard conversation and we were waiting for the right time. Everyone has told us we would know the time.

 So you see, I think I paint for him. It is also why my schedule is sometimes interrupted at the store.
I paint for you, me, my son, my family, for fun, for therapy, for beauty.
I am so glad that I have that outlet, so thankful.
I feel very lucky.