Thursday, August 21, 2014

e n d    o f    s u m m e r
It feels like the end of summer. To me it feels like this summer lasted six months. I am still so much invested emotionally and physically from a big store move that I haven't really had time to sit back and look at the transformation. To really digest it. So much change in such a short time, not planned, and all with my kids home with me!I have had  a thousand moments of gratitude, and several moments of fear, some sadness, but a million thoughts of relief and joyfulness.
 My husband took my daughter to middle school orientation today.
I can't believe she will be in middle school. I still remember my first day of middle school.
It means in a blink I am going to be talking about her going to college.
On a lighter note I am happy to have cooler weather. My hair actually looks ok today and it isn't in a bun or pony tail because of the weather.
I am happy to be wearing closed toe shoes today because I am tired of painting my toe nails.
I am already planning how to decorate the front planters of the store with pumpkins.
I am excited to clean my house, get new slipcovers and decorate for myself.
I am ready for the first day of school drop offs and the feeling of sadness that the kids are getting older and a bit of gleefulness {is this terrible?} that I can now paint in solitude.
I am ready to walk around with a hot cup of coffee in my Starbucks mug.
I am ready to pack school lunches and do more meal planning.
I am excited to have my brown grass covered in leaves instead of dandelions.
I am ready for a grand opening party.
I am ready to say goodbye to summer.