Thursday, July 24, 2014

f a l l 

I am dreaming of the fall. I know, I am crazy.

I am craving September and schedules. 

Crisp cold mornings and sunny, but not too sunny afternoons. 

Cozy nights in when I don't have to feel guilty about cuddling up in front of the tv at 7pm. 

I prefer fall clothes to summer clothes. 

I just can hardly wait until I can put pumpkins out on the front porch of the new store. And have wine and cider parties here with customers and girlfriends.

I want to sit in the back of the store on a rainy day with my tea in hand and look out at the Sound. 

I want to paint with metallics again instead of summer whites.  

I want to wear rain boots and fleece shirts.

I am a NW girl.

I am still in the moment and enjoying all that summer has to offer. But that doesn't mean I can't do a little fall dreaming. 

{all photos where sourced from Pinterest}.