Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the new shop

I sort of don't know where to begin with this one. I also didn't plan this blog post so I am just going to kind of wing it. Yesterday I finally got internet service here so I figured I would make use of it!

Also, I am not normally here on Tuesdays but my kids are spending the afternoon with their aunts and I felt like I needed to be here and work.

This is my first day working here by myself. In my very own shop. And it feels right, not weird at all. 

And I actually know what I am doing! 

The first thing that surprised me about this shop is the amount of shoppers that came in and said they have followed MCC from the beginning and were so excited to follow me here to the new shop. That means so much to me. 

The second thing that surprised me is how busy the walkin traffic is at this new shop. Being the only retail shop in Old Town with a ton of offices is going to be a great thing. So far I haven't had a sleepy day here at the shop. It is consistently busy. I am happy about this and a bit relieved.
 Ah, I do need to get the pilates studio sign down still but it is high and I am scared to get on the ladder, so I think I will tackle that with my husband tomorrow night.

It is going to be a bit of a juggle working the next month while my kids are still home for the summer. But they are my priority and they can be here with me on Thursdays and Fridays. Starting in September I will add in more open days to the shop. 

The very last thing about the new shop is the happy spirit here. 
You can just feel it before you walk in the door and I just love that about this shop. It comes from the customers and it comes from the love that us shop painters put into it. 

So thank you to all that came to visit me! I got three bouquets of flowers from other shop owners last week and that just brought me to tears. And the shoutouts on Facebook blew me away too!

And huge amount of gratitude to Bride on a Bike, Blue Roof Cabin and Ferpie and Fray {and their husbands!} for painting, moving, bringing joy to the shop last week. I don't know how I got so lucky to have them in my life. 

Here's to the new journey. I am officially open.