Wednesday, December 4, 2013

what's up with mcc?!

I wanted to write a quick post about what I have been up to lately.
The month of October was just crazytown for me getting ready for the opening of Poppy Seattle while continuing to stock Poppy & Co Tacoma . I somehow managed {I have no idea how I did this, but I did! And looking back I think I knocked out some of my favorite work recently}. 

It helps to have some really amazing women that I work along side of Merri, Julie, Devon, Michelle, Sarah and we have new Poppy family members Karla and Amanda {Oh, and Jonathan-he is our Seattle male model artist and Julie's boyfriend :) -he helps A LOT at that store}.

What I love the most about the shop{s} is how everyone pulls together as a team at Poppy, all the while continuing to grow their own businesses. We approach the business as individual artists, yet we fully support one another under this house we call Poppy & Co. It has happened so organically who has become part of our store and I think we all feel pretty blessed to have one another. It is really what I love about my job. I get so excited to see what the other girls bring in and honestly it motivates me.

This next month I am sitting back a bit. I cleaned out my basement and studio and I am only buying after I sell. This will help the clutter in my mind and cashflow for my business. I just need to rest a bit.
I am starting to collaborate with my husband on a fun pillow line for MCC. They are going to be SO cute!
I have learned how to manage my emotions when it comes to business. Remember I started as an artist, not a retail store owner. I have learned to stick to my policies, yet love on my customers.  I have learned what stress I won't take home with me. I have learned what kind of person I am, what I want to become and who I want to surround myself with.
I have learned if you are kind and honest, you will draw similar people to you.

And to take the ego out of painting. I wrote a blog post about that a long time ago.....I need to find it.

I have so many exciting things I want to accomplish next year. But seriously, my favorite thing is finding beautiful pieces of furniture new homes for our clients that have become like family to us and working alongside such amazing artists and friends.