Tuesday, December 10, 2013

s i c k   d a y s
One of the really great things about owning my own business is the flexible work {well for the most part} schedule I have, so I can be at home for my kids when they are sick.
I work two full days at the shop every week and those are the days my kids are in school. My husband and mom share the duty in picking the kids up from the bus those days.
A very, very, very big part of my job {honestly THE biggest} is sourcing-supply buying-painting-photographing-marketing-coordinating with consigners-books-and merchandising. ALL are done {well except merchandising} M-W at home {oh, and I forgot store drop offs-both stores}. It is a lot of work but I can do it at home {except the sourcing-for the most part}. This is THE reason the store is closed M-W. If it was open those days we would eventually have no merchandise.
 {or very little of it}
So when my kids are sick I can still work!
I am painting today and tomorrow {with sick kids at home}, then tomorrow night Merri, Julie and I are meeting at night to remerchandise the whole store.
Yesterday, after I spent two hours at the doctor with both kids, I came home and did the finishing touches on my simple farmhouse Christmas dining room.
I am having ALL the Poppy contributors to my house Sunday night so I needed to get it finished and festive for them.
Want to pictures?

I am going for simplicity in my design right now. Clean, not fussy.
I did a few more touches around my house that I will share with you later this week.