Thursday, October 10, 2013

k e e p i n g    i t     r e a l
This is a blog post I have wanted to post for years and I have been a bit of a chicken about it.
I am not sure why, maybe because in the social media world people either put out only the good things they want people to see. Well, that isn't exactly true. There are posts I see that are only sharing the bad things going on, complainers.
I try very hard not to be one of them.
The truth is we all have good and bad things that happen to us everyday.
I have had people tell me "Oh, you are perfect. Have the perfect family, live in a beautiful house, and have a job you love".
Yes to all three.  I also work six days a week and make less than minimum wage at the end of the month after my business expenses. We are struggling like everyone else, but we are happy and healthy. That should be what matters!

Darn that fear that runs through my head.
I am a mom that constantly battles the "Should I get a real job?" question. You know, one with benefits and retirement plan. I have had that job before and felt like I was missing picking up my kids from school everyday. But as a small business owner I can pick them up from school but not necessarily afford all the activities they want to do.
I guess I just wanted to share that behind the pretty furniture pictures there is a mom/wife/friend that is hoping the financial sacrifice is worth it. I got my doctors bill yesterday in the mail from my surgery and even after insurance I will owe thousands.
 Is it worth it?
In my heart I believe for TODAY, yes. Tomorrow maybe not-who knows but God?
 Each day at a time, don't let fear dictate my plans. Today every sign coming at me is saying stay the course, have faith. Yes, faith. That word is popping up everywhere for me this week.
This might sound strange but I every time I surrender my struggles or even hopes for this business in prayer, a road just opens up for me. So I am following the road paved in faith.