Tuesday, October 8, 2013

m e t a l l i c    d r e s s e r s
I have a new thing. Well, it started about six month ago {that is still new right?}. 

Last April I picked up this gorgeous dresser and as I unloaded it into the studio I thought "I am going to paint this silver. "
Whaaaat? I didn't know where the inspiration came from.
Looking back I guess it was kind of gutsy. It was not part of my normal fun color story, I hadn't done this technique before and I didn't really see any other painters {well painters in my little paint world} doing it.
I figured I would go slow, dry brush each layer and play with it as I went. Metallic paint is not forgiving. You must play by the painting 101 rules like-go in one direction, and don't put too much on your brush.
It is lovely when sanded back just a bit after multiple layers to create depth. And I like my metallic sealed in a high gloss.
At least one metallic piece is in my area of the store at any given time. But they go fast. Last month I sold three in one weekend.
This one is coming to the store with me tomorrow.

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