Wednesday, November 7, 2012

c l e a n i n g    h o u s e

Last weekend we switched my sons room  {big} with our guest/walk in closet {small}. My son loves it even though it is small. It connects with our bedroom. It was designed as a Victorian dressing room in 1910, now it has a small bed and the floor is covered in legos. My has been battling wanting to sleep with us for a few years, so at least now we can open the door between the two rooms and he can see us. I am working hard to make these rooms cute so I will have pictures soon. I am trying to go room by room and declutter, paint moldings and just basically simplify and spiffy things up. 
The only room 80% done is the living room.

{iphone picture-sorry. I also hope I don't get sick of this color combo. My entire downstairs is decorated in green, blue and citron}

See the window tables? Blog post on that this week, I left my camera at my shop this week.

I have been loading up on projects for the shop but my daughter has been sick and home with me. It is good to spend some quiet time with her and putter around the house getting little things done that I have been avoiding for years.

Hope I am not the next one to get sick, I want to get that window blog post for you!