Thursday, November 8, 2012

p u t    a   w i n d o w    o n    i t 

I found a really great place for salvage windows and I have been going nutty decorating with them. 
Coincidentally I also bought two buffet/console tables in the last month that didn't have tops on them. 
  {weird right?}

I measured the tables, headed over to the salvage shop and pickup up a bunch of windows.

This one I brought in to the store last week and sold in two hours.

I have two that I am keeping for my home.

One is a sofa a table.

And one is a coffee table. Also, this coffee table is the base of an armoire that is in my entryway. The top was sitting on the base and I thought it would be better served as a coffee table.

I also hung a few on my walls.

I am sure you are going to see several window projects from me in the next few weeks. I am going through a window phase.

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