Monday, November 5, 2012

m c c   s t a l k s   t h e   m l s 
{and answered prayers}

One year ago today I was selling out of my home studio. I was mostly doing custom work, a show, and selling online. I was limited to what I could produce as far as creative work, I didn't really like selling out of my home {meeting people that didn't show up most of the time} and I really wanted to work with other artists. Financially my business was doing great, but I knew that I wanted something different, I just didn't know what that was. I wanted to work for myself. Doing custom work I was still working for someone else, so my creativity and schedule flexibility was just not there. I said a lot of prayers and waited patiently

A year ago this week I got a phone call that changed my life. I was awarded a storefront through the city free for six months {I had applied for this so long before I got this call that I forgot I had}. Now, I never ever thought I would own my own store. I just didn't think I could handle it all {sometimes I still wonder if I can}. I knew in my heart it was an answered prayer so I said yes and took the leap. God had this plan for me and I didn't even know it. He also had plans for the other girls that would become my partners and I was the one to forge the way. I took of November, December, and January and started to stockpile furniture and I kept praying that I wasn't getting in over my head. 

Fast forward one year and I am sitting in a beautiful shop downtown that is my own. I share it with two other ladies that are like my sisters. We work so hard and laugh really hard. We share our dreams and worries. I am not afraid to dream big with these ladies. It is what got us here in the first place. 
So if you have a dream, pray hard with an open heart. Be prepared to wait and when the doors open run through and work very very hard. Also be sure to say thank you with an entire heart of gratitude for your answered prayers. Faith is what gets me through running this store and never letting fear enter in.

This is my first holiday season being in retail and I have been working my tail off, and last week I sold a good deal of inventory. Plus today I am down running the shop. Let me just say I making a lot of lists to get everything done. I have so much to paint this week that I don't want to even list it or you all will think I am off my rocker. I will get it done though.

Want to know another dream I have for 2013? Well it has something to do with real estate. That is all I am going to say. Maybe a year from now I will be telling you how that dream came true. 

Speaking of real estate, want to see a cute house I found on the MLS?
The listing can be found here.

Let this crazy week begin!