Monday, July 2, 2012

s t o r e    r e j e c t s

My new spot in the store is smaller so I had to bring only my favorite pieces {and several new ones} to the new shop. About six pieces are now in my storage. I will either take these pieces to a show, repaint and bring to the store, or keep! 
I decided to keep two of my "store reject" tables home with me. 

This little white table was only $35 but no one wanted her! I love it and it fits perfectly between my two white chairs.

This big grey corner table is great in my family room.
It is pretty big {and a corner shape} so I think that threw people off when shopping in my store.

I spent the weekend resting with my family after a full week of moving in to the new store.
I still have a lot to do but it is coming along.

Tomorrow I will reveal my new chalkboard sign and maybe a little more of the store.