Thursday, July 5, 2012

i t ' s     g e t t i n g   t h e r e

Moving stores while the kids are home for summer is proving to be an interesting task. I am mostly moved in, but tomorrow I will be putting the finishing touches on my space at Poppy and Co.

Actually, several of us are going to spend the majority of the day down at the shop Friday fixing it up so we can be open this Saturday.

Mine and Devon's space is in the very front  of the store with not much light, so taking good pictures of the space is hard.

 Cooper ditched circus camp and helped me at the store today.

 Merri's space is filling up!
 The front counter is in and I put a coat of black paint on the top today. Tomorrow I will wax it. 
We can't decide what to put behind the counter as a sign. We might do an old door hung sideways, a mirror, or a chalkboard sign.
Speaking of chalkboard signs. I made one for above my store. I couldn't decide what to paint the frame so I just chalkboard painted the whole thing and came back with white chalk around the edges.

I will for sure have more pictures of the store tomorrow as we get ready for our reopening this weekend.