Thursday, June 28, 2012

t h e   f i r s t   c o a t 

If you are a furniture painter you know that after your first coat of paint you are sort of let down a bit. It is after the first coat of paint that I sometimes think-I hate painting-why am I a furniture painter? 
I know I have the vision of what the piece is going to look like after a few more coats so I must press on and finish the job.

I am on the "first coat" of moving into the new store. I moved most "smalls" in and not many of my big pieces. I need help with those bigger pieces and I am trying to move alone every morning while my kids are at VBS. It is daunting, I feel tired and dirty and sort of let down.

I know the space is going to be beautiful but it needs help. Lighting, rugs, staging. 

I need to get past my "first coat" blues and go back to my vision for the space.

Here is the new store! 

{Holly's space}

{Crystal and Kennesha's space through the double doors}

{Merri's Space}

{Devon and my space, right in front of the front door}
Mine and Devon's space will be cool, it needs some major lighting help though. Chandeliers maybe?

Where the checkout counter will be.

Store window and Merri's space.
We filled the window with my stuff last night because I had moved a bunch of furniture in yesterday. We are planning on redoing the window this week.

Tully's is right across the street! Grab a coffee and come by. 
We are now on "antique row" with dozens of furniture and clothing shops.

We open July 7th, so we have a lot to do!

I hope to be over my "first coat blues" by then.

On another note. I thought I would share a story my husband Saint did on Evening Magazine
I don't usually put my personal life info on this blog but it is a really touching story, he did a great job, and it might help someone.
{I make some appearances in the story}


I will keep taking pictures everyday of the new space until opening day!