Monday, July 23, 2012

p e t i t e    d e s k

I don't come across desks like this often and when I do I scoop them up fast. These desks are perfect for   an entry table, sofa table, small desk or even in a bathroom {maybe with a basket under the desk with rolled towels?}. 

I knew when I bought this I wanted to do a two toned black and white.
I went to my studio to get my black milk paint and I couldn't find it-shoot.

I grabbed my black chalkboard paint and decided to see what it would look like as my black.
It covered nicely. For the white part of the legs I used my milk paint in pure white.

Next I distressed only the edges of the piece that were painted in black and I heavily distressed the white painted part. 

I sealed the piece with Minwax furniture paste and then buffed it. Let me just say by looking at the piece you would never know I used chalkboard paint and I was careful to seal it so the finish should hold up.The finishing touches are knobs by Anthropologie.

Pretty cute-patoot! It is coming with me to the store this week.

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