Friday, July 27, 2012

i ' m    k e e p i n g   t h i s   o n e

I had my eye on this dresser for months at antique store. It needed a ton of work and it was expensive. Really too expensive for me to fix it, paint it ,and sell it at the shop. 

I kept thinking about it though and one day I just went and bought it. 
I was having a moment of "I need inventory!"  
This happens a lot when I sell some of my higher priced items fast. 

{Don't look at the mess in the baskets shown- we dump everything in them and I forgot to clean them before I took this picture-oops!}

Since my initial investment was high on this piece I knew I needed to use supplies that I already had in my stash. 

It was an easy decision to use pure white milk paint, you know it is my favorite. For the blue detailing I mixed two Benjamin Moore sample paints {Nantucket  Fog} with some of my milk paint. 
Did you know I use color sample paints all of the time? They cost around $3 and it is a great way to not spend a ton of money if you really only want to use the color for one project. 

It took only three coats of paint, slight distressing, then two coats {buffing in between} of wax {I used Minwax, furniture paste}.

The knobs were harder to decide on. Once I figured I had too much money invested this piece to sell at a profit, I decided to keep it.  I switched knobs {purchased from Anthropologie a few years ago} from another piece of mine with knobs for this piece. 

It fits the style of my home perfectly. And you know me, I will find something better for my house down the road and this will eventually end up in the shop.

Speaking of the shop. I didn't paint anything new this week. I took the time this week to enjoy my kids and clean my home. I needed a week like this, I have been working so hard the last few months.