Friday, April 27, 2012

m o d e r n   c o t t a g e   s t a l k s   t h e   m l s

Happy Friday friends.
A new home popped up on the MLS just today and I really love it. 
I adore the four square shape {I am pretty sure this is what this architecture is-correct me if I am wrong} and how it looks unpretentious but pretty, like I could just move right into this home tomorrow and make it my own.

Clean and pretty entry.

Love the wingback chair, now I want one. But I am really taken with  the modern shaped arms {yet slip-covered} of the couch and simple vintage lighting. I would like a square shaped  {to match the angles of the couch} and larger coffee table {instead of the round shape } but that is me being picky.

{I have a white bench in my shop right now if you like this one!}

Do you notice the cool chalkboard in the kitchen?

Dang, this bedroom looks comfy. I love that it looks pretty but "undecorated" almost like it is a rental cottage by the beach.
{Maybe I have a rental beach cottage on my mind-that would be nice}