Thursday, April 26, 2012

d a r n   c o m p u t e r

I had planned on a new post on the shop but  I forgot my nice camera at home so all of the new shop photos were taken with my iphone {just warning you ahead of time about picture quality} and then as I was trying to photo edit my computer kept wigging out and shutting off. 

Want to see some {not so great} pictures of what I have been doing in the shop this week?
We moved the checkout to the front of the store {where my furniture used to be} and I moved my space to the front left hand corner of the shop. I have less space but that is fine with me. I am having a hard time keeping up with getting new furniture in the door to replace what I sell every week. This is a good problem to have but I feel better with a smaller area.






I plan on taking my laptop to the shop tomorrow while we are open, so I will post some new pictures of the
other girls spaces.

I have to get off this darn computer before it shuts off again.

XOXO  -Alison
Oh, and have a super Thursday!