Wednesday, May 2, 2012

s t a r t s,   t h e n  s t o p s
{what I have been up to this week so far}

I had a pretty good stack of projects to finish this week and so far I completed a ton of "smalls" {painting mirrors, frames, candle get the idea}. I did manage to finish my last custom piece and I am 90% of the way through a tall grey dresser. I keep starting pieces then getting distracted, or I finish a piece and decide to keep it {occupational hazard}. I adore this bright Tiffany blue that I have been doing so much of lately that I decided to keep pops of it in my living room.
Should we start off by me showing what I decided to keep?

I painted these brass candlesticks and distressed them, loved them so much that now they are mine.

 See the bird and candlestick by the B? Those were supposed to go to the store and now they are mine.
 Oh, the big blue jar is a new favorite and now it is mine! Gee I am being greedy-I did finish stuff to take to the store I promise!
 I bought this bar cart from Crystal in our store. I am trying to decide whether or not to paint it or keep it naturally weathered. Also, I literally just moved it into my house today so it really isn't staged the way it will be after I am done with it.

Want to see what is coming with me to the store?

A beautiful table that could also be a bench.

I made some paper flowers out of sheet music to take with me to the store this afternoon.

I had some of the other MCC shop girls with me today for a crafting day. We had some much fun I forgot to take photos. I will take pictures later this week down at the shop of what we made.

I did snap a picture of the food I made {or bought and put on a plate :)}.
{not really that exciting but you can see the pillows I sewed on Monday}

Lastly, I bought an elliptical machine this week-it was deal I couldn't pass up but right now it is in my family room. The kids think it is a toy. I need to get my basement cleaned out so I can bring it down there.

It really  doesn't look cute in the corner of my family room-but I do use it!

Tomorrow I am at the shop, we are open Thursdays now 11am-3pm. So come see what is new!