Friday, March 23, 2012

n e w   i n   t h e    s h o p

I spent ALL day at the shop. Really, all day,  I just got home at 8pm. Two new vendors {and the last two we are taking} moved in today {more on that later} so I had fun chatting with them while I reinvented my own space.

I painted another smokey grey side table. Sorry, bad picture for some reason.

She sort of matches the one pictured beside her below. I think these should go to the same home.
I can't tell you how many people have almost bought my two tiered smokey grey table. I think it is waiting for the right home.

Below is another, larger, side table painted high gloss grey and distressed.
This table is beautiful in person and I wish I had a space for it in my own home.

I added a ton more mirrors. These seem to be good sellers for me.

I added four new vintage doors to my space. I really want to define my little shop from the other shops in our little vintage market.
The patina on the blue door below is beautiful.

I hung a new chalkboard sign above the desk with thanks from Holly {new vendor, I can't wait to introduce you to her}.

You can also see the other doors I added to define my space. The black and white fabric {hanging behind one door} came from the front door of my home. I have a plan to change mine at home, so I swiped it today.

Oh, and do you see that sweet footstool in front of the grey magazine stand? That is new, I finished that this week.

Below is the space right behind mine which will be Kennesha's in a bit, but for now we have this fantastic sofa to fill the space. that Erin scored today. Doesn't it remind you of the Friends sofa? It is for the shop so we can hangout and pretend we are on Friends. Behind it are more doors I bought this week.

The space is really coming together and us girls are having a blast. Every week the shop looks bigger, better, and different with more fantastic vintage pieces. 
From now on I am going to be open Fridays 10a-2pm, as well as Saturdays noon-4pm starting next week.