Monday, March 26, 2012

b u y i n g   d a y 

Today was a good day. 
The sun was out. I met some of the other shop girls for lunch and I spent all day shopping for the store.

This is what my entryway looks like most of the time these days. I like painting at home instead of the shop and my home studio is cold and messy. So now my house is messy but at least it is warm to paint in!
After I got home from shopping, I picked up up the kids and did some painting outside while they rode bikes. 
My poor grass, it needs a hair cut. But at least it isn't raining!
I already know what I am going to do to transform this chair and this table. You won't recognize either after I am done with them.
The chair will be painted either white or orange with this fabric.

Decorative pillow covers set of two 20 x 20 blue brown chevron

And the cart will be yellow with this fabric on top with glass covering it.

I found this wood lamp. I love it and I am keeping it. The shade needs some help though.

Tucker got outside yesterday. He now things he is a big boy and can play outside. He sits and meows at the door to be let out. I think he is my baby and isn't ready to venture out into the big world.
Random thing to talk about but he was sitting by me while I was photographing so I thought I would snap of picture of him too.

My favorite finds of the day are these matching dressers. I know I want to paint them the same color but I can't decide if I should paint them.


Duck Egg
{both images come from here}

The graphite is actually a dark dark grey-brown and I am leaning toward using duck egg because I have so much grey in the shop right now. 

Guess what I am doing tomorrow? More buying! 
I am heading up to Seattle to pick up more business cards, merchandise labels, and to have lunch with my good friend Michelle. I figured I would hit some stores on the way up there and the way back.