Wednesday, February 1, 2012

m o r e   s h o p   p i c t u r e s

This week I think I should call the shop a boutique rather than a shop. When I think of boutique I think small, intimate, lovely. This is what I am trying to create {out of a very very industrial space-pretty tall order}. The other vendors aren't moving in for a while so instead of feeling overwhelmed to fill an entire store by myself, I took the wall of doors in a lot and made the store smaller for now. It can be expanded as I grow. 

I am learning so much about being a business/shop owner right now and it can be a bit overwhelming. I had a couple sleepless nights last week and my husband told me I was acting very stressed last Saturday so he took the kids for the afternoon so I could get some stuff done. I know that this is my job, and job's aren't always easy, but I want to manage my stress and enjoy this process. So Monday morning I came into the shop with the idea of making it smaller and more manageable for myself, it isn't going to be perfect {even though I want it to be}. After all, everything is made by me in the store and I am doing this during school hours, so there is only so much I can accomplish in that time period.

So here is what the shop {boutique} looks like today. I still have a few pieces in the back that I am working on that might be done for the opening.

My son Cooper was home sick today so I took him with me to the shop and he played Lego's for two hours while I worked. I guess two hours of work is better than nothing!

The name on the door is going to be changed this week {Barefoot Collective is the previous tenant}. I was planning on putting white curtains in the windows but I couldn't hang them right {from the street it looked like I was trying to hang sheets in my window, it just looked off} so I decided to take them home and use them in my family room. 

I still have to put up a sign in one window. So far this week I moved more into my shop, did my taxes {ugh!}, made pillows for the shop, made wreaths, prepped and painted more furniture, bought more furniture, and I am working on two custom pieces in the studio. 

Oh, and the address of the new shop is 311 S 7th Street Tacoma, WA. I will be open from 1-5pm  this Saturday so come see me! 

I hoped to get inventory posted on Shop Modern Cottage by tomorrow night, but having Cooper home today has thrown my schedule off. If you see something specific in these photos you are interested in, email me and I can give you a price and dimensions tomorrow.