Saturday, January 28, 2012

f a v o r i t e   h o u s e   f r i d ay

It has been a while since I did a fhf. 
I wouldn't say that this style is exactly what I love, but I think they blended the modern with vintage well.

Cool coffee table.

I am not sure about the color tone of these cabinets with the red and blue, it seems off to me, like they don't belong together. I would have either gone really light or really dark on the cabinets to balance it out. Maybe just a different counter then the cabinets would work better, there is just too much going on.

Great floor in the bathroom. But look, there is a light out. Whoops!

What do you think this desk is made out of? Is it wrapped in leather? I can't tell.

I am envious of this closet, my closet is in our upstairs hallway. It is small and terribly lit.

Pretty color on the wall, I love how the blue tone balances out all the brown {you know how I have a fear of "too much brown"}.

I have to say my favorite rooms in this house are the bathrooms.