Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i t ' s    s t a r t i n g    t o   l o o k   l i k e   a   s h o p

I made a cute wreath while at the shop today, now I need to make about 5 more of these guys.

 {everything you see is for sale, except the rugs, green desk, and white chair}

I left the shop early this afternoon. After taking three loads of furniture from my studio to the shop, unloading them, arranging them, and putting a coat paint on a few pieces in the back room, I needed a break. So I am going to do a quick post for you, go for a run, hit the grocery store and then pick up the kids.

{I still need to add about 4 more layers of paint on my desk, but since it is not for sale, it isn't my priority right now}

I didn't make the curtains for the shop yesterday. My good friend {and neighbor} Kathy brought over a bottle of wine and it was more fun to chat with her than sew the curtains, maybe I will make them tonight.