Tuesday, January 24, 2012

t h i n g s   a r e   c o m i n g   a l o n g   n i c e l y

Day two of moving into the shop and I didn't get as much done as I did yesterday. I had some errands to run mid-day so I didn't spend that much time there.

I am sort of wondering why I didn't rent a truck and move everything at once, oh well. It is kind of fun moving a few things in, rearranging and then going back home to the studio and loading the car back up.
And I feel kind of proud of myself doing it all on my own.

I am only about 1/4 of the way moved in with finished pieces, and I have at least 6-8 unfinished pieces that I will move in to the storage area.

The green table and white chair are not for sale, they are the only things pictured not for sale. The table will be my desk for custom consultations and I plan on doing most of my work in the shop, even these blog posts. Also, the green table isn't staying green. This is my first coat of paint on it, I am doing a layered paint treatment and then distressing it.

Inventory and prices will be posted mid-week next week {I keep getting emails about this :)} and I know I haven't updated Shop Modern Cottage in a while, I will also update this next week. Right now I am 100% focused on moving in and getting settled. Next week I have custom work and my taxes are due {probably should get on this before next week, not the fun stuff}.

Friday I am painting the wall of doors all white, included the hinges. It looks kind of messy right now. 

{random group of chairs I have no where to put them but in a corner}

Tonight I am going to sew the white curtains for the shop and maybe make a pillow or two.
Do you like my daily shop updates? It will be kind of fun to see the transformation of the parking garage into the shop.