Monday, January 23, 2012

* b e f o r e *   s h o p   p i c t u r e s 
{really really ugly before photos}

The snow has melted and it is a gorgeous sunny day today. I finally got into the shop yesterday and started moving some stuff in. I am moving a little bit at a time because you will see I have a LOT of work a head of me to make this space cozy and cute. 
Right now it is like a "before" photo from one of my furniture makeovers. 

This is what it looked like when I started this morning.

Basically it looks like a parking garage.

I only need about 500 square feet so I needed to get creative on sectioning off the space. I am doing a combination of drop cloth curtains and doors hinged together to create a smaller space. 

I climbed the scaffolding and nailed up the curtains. I am glad this part is done because I hate heights.
I couldn't get to sleep last night {stayed awake until 2am} because I knew I had to climb the scaffolding today and finish hanging the curtains, but it had to be done.

Here is another before shot before I finished hanging the curtains, they continue all the way to the back of the store now.

Another before shot. This is the back of the store that will be our furniture storage area and my painting studio. I will be able to work on at least ten pieces at the same time!
{no clients will see this ugly area}

I finished hanging drop cloth curtains today to section off the store. I talked to the tenant upstairs and she said the space was just under 3000 square feet, crazy!

I bought ten primed doors at Habitat Restore today to hinge together for the front of the store so you won't see my studio or storage space.

Behind the hinged doors will be my new studio space and storage. It is so exciting to have a big space to spread out and paint.

My desk will be here. I am working on that project tomorrow, as well as, finishing hinging all of the doors together.

{ A view of the front door. I have paint everything white and hang white curtains in the door and along the sides of the windows}

I also built a platform today so I can have furniture displayed in the window, flanked by white curtains.

I needed to do this as cheaply as possible, I only have the space free for six months. If after six months we negotiate a longer term lease, I will consider putting more money into nicer fixtures and I will then open the space up more, paint the walls, and have a ton more vendors.
I have to see how the next six months go. 

So basically it is really ugly right now, let's face it.
But I have a vision and everyday this month I will share with you my progress and I promise it will turn out lovely.

{view out my shop window of Opera Alley}

It is in a super cute neighborhood. I am excited for the other girls to in move and bring their furniture!