Friday, January 6, 2012

w r a p - u p   o f   m y   w e e k
{and i finally got my camera, yah!}

This week has been a bit nutty, I decided to do a million projects because the kids went back to school and it was quiet, next week we are going to Disneyland, and the following week I move into my new shop. 
Next week is probably not the best week to go on a family vacation since I have so much going on, but what the heck, I am going to go have fun!

I will miss this little guy but he will be home safe with our housesitter while we are gone.

{warning these photos were taken with an iphone}

In addition to my custom work, I finished painting some mirrors and finally got the chalkboards done for the shop. I have had so many people ask me when I was going to be done with these, and I finally finished!
They will be crammed into my studio space until I can move into the shop.
Since the studio space has been taken over with finished pieces I have had no where else to paint other than my basement, urgh. Let me just say that with three cats and this is where the litter box is, the basement is the smelliest place in my house and I am not a fan of working in there. Plus every time I need a tool I have to walk out of the basement, out of my home and to the studio out back and climb over all of my furniture to hunt for it.
Did I say I was glad to be moving my daily painting to the shop?!

{picture below taken with the new camera!}

I also painted a mirror for over my fireplace, found four matching ladder back chairs for my dining room and painted them with ASCP, Old White.

The old coffee table went to live with Jennah. 
Jennah if you are reading this I am glad you like this table!

I like the way the new coffee table looks. I found these great pillar candles at TJ Max that are real wax on the outside and run on batteries, brilliant! 

So that is my week!