Tuesday, December 13, 2011

s t a g i n g

Today was about cleaning and staging for me. Painting for MCC will have to wait for a few days. Tomorrow Bellevue Scene Magazine is coming over to take pictures for an article they are doing about MCC, to be published for their furniture issue this spring. 

I don't think I ever told you this but if I wasn't a furniture painter, my dream job would be to stager for photo shoots {me and a zillion other people} so I really wanted to just go for it with color.

I was excited when they asked but a little nervous about how I was going to switch gears from focusing on building my inventory for the shop and focusing on decorating my own house and staging it to show off some of my favorite pieces. I choose four of my favorite pieces in my own home {since everything I will have for sale is stuffed and stacked in the studio}. 

I decided to give myself a budget of $100 to buy a few accessories and flowers to really help make my favorite pieces pop. 

Since in this issue there will be other furniture designers, I wanted to differentiate myself with color. 

{I framed a page from a dictionary, and circled the word "family". I will be having frames like this in the shop}

Since I wanted to have my buffet in the shoot, I needed to take out my dining table {so I snuck my Christmas tree into the corner-my daughter will be very happy about this, she hated it in the corner of the family room}. 

One problem I am having. Now that my home is clean and ready for the photo shoot, how am I going to keep it that way until tomorrow?