Thursday, December 15, 2011

d a i s y   t h e   d r e s s e r 

Yes, another dresser makeover. I can't help it, I love painting dressers.

This dresser I picked up a few weeks ago at antique store and I knew I was going to go a little more adventurous with the color. At the time I bought it I had been painting so many grey dressers, I wanted to add a little sunshine to my color palette.

I sanded, added two coats of white primer. I wanted to have a heavy coat of primer since I knew I was going to heavily distress this piece and I wanted the white to show through. I then painted two coats of Dutch Boy's, Willows Gold. I then distressed the whole piece and added a clear wax. 

For the feet, I mixed the dresser paint with a bright sunshine yellow acrylic paint. The knobs I bought yellow, but painted the top the same color as the feet, then sealed with a clear lacquer. 

This one is one for the shop! It feels good to get something done for the shop this week. Next week sometime I will give you a peek at everything I have stored and ready to go into the shop.
{wouldn't this be cute in a girl's room}