Thursday, December 8, 2011

i t   s t a r t e d   w i t h  a   d r e s s e r

I bought a dresser a few weeks ago with the intent to paint and put it in the shop, but I really wanted to keep it and put it in my room. I waited to paint the dresser because I kept going back and forth on whether or not to keep it. I need some big pieces for the shop, but more than that, I needed a big dresser for my room.  It is hard to tell from the pictures but there are no closets in my room. There is a room off my bedroom that was a victorian dressing room with two large built in armoires. We use the room as an office/guest room and the armoires house my husbands clothes, since the room use to be his office.

My closet is in a built in armoire in the hallway. It is pretty big, but the lighting is bad and I was desperately needed more storage. So, last weekend I rearranged my room to accommodate the new dresser, and painted it this week. The color of both the walls and dresser is BM's Covington Blue. Since I was moving things around in this room I thought I should make some new pillows {the black and white striped}. The fabric is from Ikea, weird right? I actually love some of the fabric at Ikea. This stripe also comes in yellow, navy, and green and is only around $5-6 a yard. I bought the black and white fabric a while ago waiting to use it for something.

I still want to get a drum shade for my silver lamp, new picture frames {the silver isn't working in the room}, and eventually bamboo shades to go under the white sheers.

{wall color not this bright in person}

Since all I added where the pillows and dresser, my whole total for this makeover was under $50. See "Alison's House" tab for what the room used to look like.

Thank you for being patient with me on my lack of posts this week. With the holidays and opening the store next month I am really frazzled {I am trying not to be stressed out but somewhere deep down I am freaking out a bit}.