Friday, December 2, 2011

l a s t   o n e   o f   t  h e   w e e k

I did four dressers this week! It is a good thing, I need to get moving on stocking the store. I have a ton of projects to get ready for this store opening. Off the top of my head I know I have to paint three coffee tables, two kids play tables and chairs, two buffets, four more dressers, 7 chalkboards, two lamps and cover the shades, a rocking  horse, and 10 small picture frames....I think that is it. I realize I am not going to get it all done in time, but maybe I can get  50% done? Oh, I forgot I also have three customs to do!

I bought this dresser off craigslist. The lady had two dressers I was interested in both but I had to pass on one, it was way too expensive and I asked her over email if the drawers worked okay. She said they did but they didn't, always check before you buy!

I keep forgetting to look at the color of this paint {email me if you are interested}. I only bought a quart of if it, since I knew I was only going to paint two dressers with it. Now I really like this color, so I will be buying more of it next week.

I puttied imperfections, sanded, painted right over the original white color, heavily distressed with steel wool, and sealed with a wax.

This will go into the shop! Now I am off to clean my house, which is disgusting right now {I am not exaggerating}. I love living in an old house but it seems to always be dirty and dusty, today it is driving me batty. It might also have something to do with the fact we have three cats and two small kids living in this old dusty house.

Have a safe weekend friends, and do something fun.