Saturday, December 10, 2011

i   a m   s t i l l   h e r e
{finally taking a minute to sit down}

I actually got a lot accomplished this week, but you wouldn't know it by my lack of blog posts. I just keep going and going and didn't take the time to take photos or stage some of the pieces I finished. That is my plan for Monday, so come back!

I made this sweet sign from the top of an old dilapidated dresser I had. I love that the wood is imperfect and has nail holes and burn marks. I penciled out my letters, then simply went over them with my yellow paint. After the paint was dried, I lightly sanded the whole piece and sealed with a wipe on poly. It will probably go in my shop, but right now it lives on my mantel.

I also made some new pillows, you can find the fabric here. I think they might be temporarily out of the yellow.

I thought I would show you where the green dresser I did last week landed. It is the new craft station in my family room. I like it because it is cute and keeps things organized, and the kids like it because they can have more craft stuff.

Did I tell you that a local magazine is coming to shoot pictures at my house for a story about MCC? It happens on Tuesday and I need to get moving on staging some of my favorite pieces. Exciting though!

Tonight we are making holiday cards, and drinking hot chocolate.
 {mine might be spiked, don't tell Santa!}.

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