Friday, November 11, 2011

a t   a n    a n g l e

I posted this morning on my MCC Facebook wall that I was listening to Christmas music and rearranging my living room for the 40,000th time. A few of you asked to see pictures so I thought instead of just sharing them on FB I would post on the blog.

{Also, I want to explain why my pictures have been so bad lately. I can't find my good camera, sorry!}

I had my furniture arranged like this a few years ago.  It wasn't until I brought up my matching white loveseat from the basement playroom that I thought, oh I am going to try the furniture at angle again.
I got rid the tufted chair that was by the fireplace {if you are in the Seattle area and are interested in buying this from me it is in almost perfect condition}.

I lined everything up in line of the fireplace, which is at an angle. It makes sense now. 
It is also so cozy, I am very happy with it.

One problem with this arrangement....the Christmas tree is going to have to live in the family room this year. I don't feel like messing with the living room again, I like it the way it is.