Wednesday, November 16, 2011

t w o   b l u e   d r e s s e r s
{and help me pick the knobs}

I am a crazy painting lady this week. Last week I was very sick and also just exhausted from Junk Salvation. I only finished one buffet. This week I am inspired to paint. So inspired I am tackling six dresser redo's at once. I have two finished, two almost finished, and two primed.

The two I finished are these blue beauties. 

The top one has already been sold. 

About the knobs on these two dressers {I keep getting asked about these knobs}. I bought these at a local craft store in my area, privately owned and they don't have a manufacturer on the label. These are meant to be used as "craft knobs". The backing on the knobs was very shallow and would not work on a typical drawer front, so I had to take the backing to Home Depot and have them help me find a screw back that would be long enough to use on a drawer front. I also had to get an extra special drill bit for my drill to cut a hole big enough for the new screw back. So, long story short...these knobs will be hard for you to find and duplicate I think....sorry!

The color  for both dressers is Duck Egg by Annie Sloan.  I did three coats of paint {no sanding or priming}, distressing, and  two coats of clear wax {also Annie Sloan}.

I am not sure if I will sell the bottom dresser yet, I might have a retail space mid-December so I am holding most of my inventory.

I am almost finished with this grey dresser I just can't decide between two knobs. The silver is very traditional but the white ceramic is fun and modern.

I am leaning toward the white ceramic.