Thursday, November 10, 2011

m a k e     a n     e n t r a c e

I finished this custom piece for my clients entry/hallway.

I adore this piece. Maybe someday I will have a mansion and I can just paint and keep all of my pieces. Well, I only want a mansion if I can hire someone to clean it for me. 

{before if you can see around all of the other stuff}

This one is going to a good home though.

I can't tell you exactly what the color is because it is a mix of colors I customized.

I did the usual sand, prime {grey primer},  two coats of paint, distressing, and I did a wipe on poly in satin for the finish. I prefer a poly finish for  darker paint, wax on a dark paint can look too dull for me.

I also touched the original pulls up with a gold acrylic paint and sealed it.